ONE THING on Smart People who Hate Roadmaps

David Cancel, CEO of Drift, hates roadmaps. He says, "Either I'm going to disappoint you by giving you exactly what we thought six months ahead of time was the best solution when it's not, or by changing course and having lied to you."

But some customers are looking for "a paper promise." Rather than sharing an old-fashioned roadmap of features and dates, David and his product team communicate broad themes. Themes focus the team's efforts on high-level customer needs, problems, or jobs to be done.

I profiled David's approach in VentureFizz. Where are you on the roadmap hatred scale? Death to PowerPoints? Madly in love? I'd welcome your opinions.

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My friend Mark Feldman has joined hot healthcare gig economy startup Stynt as VP of Marketing. Mark and founder CEO Alex Adeli are now talking with some of the smartest product people in Boston. Want an introduction? Ping me back.