ONE THING... on lean roadmapping

A roadmap conversation with a customer is an opportunity for a product person to verify their understanding of market needs before actually building the product. If you’ve done a really great job in your customer discovery, then the roadmap is merely "confirming the mutual understanding" of these needs. It's also an opportunity to discover where you might be wrong, of course, which is perhaps even more valuable as you still have the opportunity to change direction.

I focus on sharing your roadmaps with customers in Chapter 8 of my book Product Roadmaps Relaunched. What have you learned from customers who have seen your roadmaps? What haven't you built because of them? Discuss.

My friend Matt Kaplan, SVP Products at Acquia, is hiring a Senior Director of Product. He's looking for a "proven track record of building and leading world-class product teams through one or more of the startup, introduction, hyper-growth, and maturity stages of the product life cycle." Know that person? Ping me.