ONE THING... on Selling our Ideas

Wise Product people market their services around their organizations, as plenty of our coworkers don't know what we do. Product people are used to selling our ideas to sales and engineering, but UX can be a great connection as well. Here's a podcast I did with UX maven Jared Spool. We talked about when PMs should get designers involved in product (early!) and how good PMs make the jobs of designers much easier.   

How do you connect with UX as part of your job? Other teams? Discuss....

Roadmapping Workshops
I sold out two roadmapping workshops at the UX Lisbon conference last week. I'll be leading a similar workshop in Mind the Product San Francisco in July. Coming?

My friend Russ Wakelin, VP of Product Management at HealthcareSource in Woburn, MA, is looking to hire two passionate product people. Russ says the one thing they need to be successful is “a passion for building products which ensure the right people are in the right place to save lives.” I also noticed this little bit in one of the descriptions: “The ability to have a strong opinion while remaining collaborative.” Sounds like product culture to me. Check out the jobs here: PM and Associate PM.