ONE THING... Playing Catch-Up

It's often a mistake to focus on matching your competition feature-for-feature. All this does is commoditize your market. Instead, focus on creating unique value by developing solutions your competition can't easily duplicate.

How many items on your roadmap are "me too" features designed to close perceived competitive gaps? How many of those have actually lost you business? Discuss.

Lots of News below. Ping me if you are interested in any or all.

I'm speaking at ProductTank - Washington DC about Product Culture Will Eat Execution Culture  on Tuesday, January, 29. Will I see you there? 

I have two free passes, worth $1,599 each, to The Product Event conference in San Francisco, February 7 and 8. Want them?

My friend John Peltier at SAI Global in the Boston area is looking for a global product marketing director who needs to get under the buyer’s skin. 

My Travels
Over the next few weeks I’ll be traveling, working with organizations on several continents on their product culture. Ping me if you’d like to discuss a workshop for your company — or just chat about product culture over a local beer.

Week of Jan 27: Washington DC
Weeks of Feb 3 and 10: Auckland, NZ