ONE THING on Tools for Product People 

My favorite product tool is Google Docs. I use it for interview notes, meeting agendas, personas, product charters, OKRs, and more. I like it because it makes any document collaborative. People can edit and comment on the same document simultaneously from anywhere in the world.

What tools do you find yourself leaning on most? Roadmapping tools like ProdPad or Aha? Customer forum tools like UserVoice or Salesforce? User behavior and experimentation tools like Pendo or Optimizely? How does your favorite tool help you do your job? Does it help you build the right culture in your organization? What is missing from the tools you have? Write in.

Fresh off the (Audio) Press
My publisher has just released an audio version of my book, Product Roadmaps Relaunched. Featuring the mellifluous voice of... me. I had to audition before O'Reilly agreed to me narrating, which was lots of fun.