ONE THING on Patriotic Product Person

For those of you outside the USA, today is our national holiday. In working with companies around the world, I’ve observed that many of them look up to American product people. They feel we’ve got it all figured out and they are hungry to learn from our success.

Sure, product communities in many cities around the world are smaller and younger. But I find that people are just as smart, focused, and hard-working wherever I go. This year I've helped product teams in New Zealand, Ecuador, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Germany and the UK. I’ve come across innovative thinking and unique takes on familiar ideas everywhere I’ve gone. As a result, I am learning faster than I have ever have before.

I’ve come to believe that diversity of thinking and experience is more powerful than any one tool or framework. That’s what America was originally founded on, after all. It’s that connecting of previously unrelated dots that I think underpins great product culture. And that’s what I hope to achieve with this nano-letter and with product culture as an organization.

Where have you come across great product culture outside American tech hubs? Tell me a story.

I will be in SF giving a workshop on "Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for Product Teams" at Mind the Product the week of July 15th. Then I'll be in Singapore for a private event the week of July 22nd. Who would like to grab a beer?