ONE THING Contest! Best Boss Advice

A boss once told me I was responsible for more than the code we shipped to customers. He felt that “the whole product” was a solution to the customer’s problem, which might include documentation, templates, packaging, data, consumables, even services — anything necessary to get value from the thing itself.

That advice was a crucial piece of my awakening to the way strong product cultures focus on making the customer successful, even awesome.

Contest: What’s the best product advice you ever got from a boss or mentor? Tell me a story. Best answer will receive a copy of my book, Product Roadmaps Relaunched. Plus a coffee or beer with me (real or virtual) to chat about Product.

I recently gave a talk for the virtual conference Product-Led. They were kind enough to share the video free: Prioritization: Saying No to Good Ideas. 26 minutes. Like it? Disagree? Ping me.

My friend Shardul Mehta at American Well in Reston, VA has a Senior PM role open. It's a meaty role involving both ownership of their flagship offering and managing some of their critical PM processes in a very fast growing space. Interested? Ping me.