ONE THING... Output vs. Outcome: Can you do Both?

Output: Project management is a manager role responsible for ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery of a work product. Project managers are defined in terms of dates, resources, quantities, and budget. 

Outcome: Product management is a leadership role responsible for the successful conception, development, growth, and eventual retirement of a product. It is a strategic role, spanning the full life cycle and lifespan of a product. Success is defined not by ship dates, but by business outcomes like growth, revenue, and profit. 
The roles are complementary. Can you do both? Can you do both without going crazy? Does your organization know the difference? Discuss. 

I dive deep into this topic in my book Product Manager vs. Project Manager.

My friend Greg Achenbach, VP of Product at SnapApp (and winner of the 2016 ProdiE Award for product excellence), is looking for a Director of Product Marketing to "Be the expert on customers — how and why they buy and use the platform to generate real ROI." Interested? Ping me.