ONE THING... Correcting Roadmap Course

You have to revisit your roadmap at intervals that match the pace of change in your market. Intel's public roadmap goes out 2 or 3 years. In contrast, many start-ups change directions every few months. Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures says that "17 out of 26 companies in his portfolio made complete transformations or partial transformations of the business between investing and exit."

If you make a habit of communicating roadmap updates regularly, you are training your stakeholders to expect adjustments. Like a good GPS, you always have the destination in mind but you correct course as conditions change.

How often do conditions change in your business? How often do you adjust course? Discuss.

I’ll be attending Boston's splendid Business of Software conference October 1-3. I'm giving a talk on setting priorities and saying no. I’m also facilitating a half-day workshop on product roadmapping based on my book. I've written a BPMA blog on why this conference rocks. Who's coming?