ONE THING on Agile Coaches

A lot of organizations balk at hiring Agile coaches (aka scrum masters) for every team. They find it hard to justify that many people who aren’t coding, designing, or figuring out what’s next. I agree.

I was the Agile coach for Boston area scale-up Localytics. I worked with a dozen teams at a time — all in an average of 2 days per week. I focused on retrospectives, answered questions, kept in touch, and focused on helping them figure it out rather than just telling them what to do. Because I couldn’t be there for all or even most meetings, the teams had to take ownership of their own destinies.

So maybe one coach is more than 12. Has your organization used an Agile coach? Was it helpful? What other coaches were useful? Tell me the story. 

My friend Vanessa Ferranto at Boston-area The Grommet  is looking for a Product Designer. She needs someone who can both own an entire experience and collaborate on making it the best it can be. Interested? Ping me