ONE THING on OKRs: Brilliant? Problematic?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a worldwide phenomenon, helping to drive the success of organizations like Google, Zynga, Oracle and Twitter. They are particularly suited to driving the alignment for a high-performing cross-functional Product team.

There are some peculiarities and updates from common practice required for today's product teams. And, if not handled correctly, OKRs can quickly lead to silos, unethical behavior, and demotivation.

I'll be giving a workshop on OKRs at Mind the Product's conference in San Francisco, July 15. Coming? Do you use OKRs in your organization? Like it? Hate it? Discuss.

My friend Julie Marobella at Salsify is looking for someone to learn everything there is to know about the customer and transfer that knowledge to everyone in the company. Sounds like Product Culture.