ONE THING Contest! Worst Product Advice

A few weeks ago we ran a contest for the Best Boss Advice you've gotten. Great wisdom all around, but Dan Duett's boss’ request for a “learning plan” to supplement the project plan was compelling. Dan wins a copy of my book, Product Roadmaps Relaunched. Plus a coffee or beer with me (real or virtual) to chat about Product. Claim your prize!

The corollary: what is the worst Product advice you've ever gotten? Mine from a boss was to put pressure on a subordinate to deliver faster. I followed this advice and it ruined the collaborative relationship we’d had. I regret not asking what this person needed to succeed. Tell me a story. Same rules but more tears (or giggles).

My friend Paul Ressler has a new blog up on SaaS Product Roadmaps: Achieving Your Product Vision at the Boston Product Management Association's website. He makes the case for more powerful roadmaps, starting with “Show how product plans fit into the overall company strategy.” Check it out!