ONE THING on Founding Vision

"All founders need a vision, which is really an untested set of hypotheses about how they see the future unfold. That's in fact my definition of what you're calling a product roadmap for a startup. It's a big idea. In an early stage company, at least for business to business sales, while you think you're selling product one, you're actually selling the vision of the company, because almost always the product you can deliver on Day One is never sufficient to engage a corporation long term. What you're trying to do is convince some earlyvangelists that the vision of this thing is engaging."

That's Steve Blank, startup guru. Who has sold product based on a roadmap? Did you take preorders or wait for version one? Tell me a story.

Forrester in Cambridge has a Solution Director for Product Development role open. Not strictly technology focused: the ideal candidate should understand the needs of different segments/personas and then assemble a solution made up of primarily existing assets, products and services. Interested? Ping me.