ONE THING on MVP Done Right

I’m a big believer in the Minimum Viable Product concept. Lots of people misunderstand it. MVP is not "What's the least we can get away with?" or "The crappiest-version that we can possibly put out."

Instead, MVP is "What is the smallest amount of work that we can do to validate a hypothesis and verify our assumptions about our business plan." MVP allows you to learn before you actually build the entire product, take it to market, and then find out that some of those assumptions were wrong. In fact, an MVP is more research than development. Some people have even started rebranding it "the RAT" (Riskiest Assumption Test).

What’s an example of a horrible product that flopped? Would MVP have helped? Got MVP horror stories?


My friend Cathy Wright just took over product at Televerde in Phoenix, AZ. She is looking for product people who know marketing data. Data people are a special breed. Ping me if this sounds like fun to you!