ONE THING on PM as Quarterback

"I don't like when people say that the product manager is the CEO of the product. To me, it's more like the quarterback. The quarterback sometimes has to call the plays himself, but also will take plays from the offensive coordinator or the head coach on the sidelines, right?" That's from my friend Dan Lack, who has been a CEO and a VP PM. We can go further: Quarterbacks are in charge on the field, but they operate within the overall team strategy developed by the owner and the head coach.

Do you like this analogy? Have you always thought your job was like football? Something else? Sheep herder? Lion tamer? I'd welcome your opinions.

I was interviewed on Chad McAllister's great PM podcast. Topic: Dangerous Roadmaps! (and how to avoid them).
My friend Brian Rossa is living his dream: evangelizing for his new venture, F0cal, in Cambridge. He'll shortly be hiring for a product person passionate about AI and the opportunity to define a new product category. Who should he be talking to? Ping me.