ONE THING on Product Culture Manifesto

This week I've been thinking about quitting. I'm really good at it. I've left 3 jobs because of bad product culture. I wrote about one on LinkedIn a few months ago. It was that career experience that led me to the concept of product culture, and ultimately to and this nano-letter. 

The product culture movement starts here. This group of passionate product people has inspired me and I need your help to codify our values, as in a Product Culture Manifesto. I think if we get this right we can help change the world.

I'm blown away by your response to the newsletter. In just a few weeks we've gotten over a hundred subscribers and click-throughs are through the roof. The emails from you all with insightful questions, examples, and encouragement drive me to open up commenting on the site to share them with the community.

I started the ball rolling with a draft set of principles. What do you think is required in a product culture? What makes it work? What makes it different? I'd welcome your thoughts.

Are you a manager or a leader? My friend Beth Beiriger, EVP of Product at Boston's Invaluable, has developed a strong product culture and is looking for a director to lead a team of expert product managers. Let me know if this sounds like you or someone you know.