ONE THING... Product Peace

It's easier to discuss priorities and roadmap issues one-on-one with the head of sales, for example, than it is if the head of marketing is also in the room. Too many egos, too much politics. I make it a point to continuously "shuttle" between all my stakeholders gathering their input individually, discussing what's important to them, and trying out early versions of the plan on them en route to a final roadmap.
A little Shuttle Diplomacy goes a long way toward buy in. I go in deep in Chapter 7 of my book Product Roadmaps Relaunched. Got stakeholder stories to tell? Horror stories? Discuss in comments at

We're Famous
Business of Software email list just mentioned One Thing as "a great, very short, newsletter on Product Culture." Bullseye! I'll be speaking at their conference in London next month. Going? Let me know.

My friend Samuel Clemens, co-founder at InsightSquared, needs help with product marketing. He's looking for someone who's ready to take the lead and show what they've got. Reporting directly to Sam, this is a great opportunity to learn how companies are built. Interested? Know somebody great? Ping me.