ONE THING... Grounding Your Vision

"You can’t just do top-down roadmapping because then you end up just blindly building towards some vision that may or may not be actually informed by what customers want... If it’s not grounded in stuff that you’ve learned, then you’re going to be building for months and months and months, years, and not really responding to what customers want."

That’s my good friend and PM rockstar, Janna Bastow, co-founder of Mind the Product on why she shares roadmaps with customers every day. How do you use your roadmap with customers? Discuss.

Speaking of Mind the Product, I'll be leading a workshop on Product Rodmapping at their San Francisco conference next week. Going? Ping me.

The folks at Kolide are passionate about what analytics can do for infrastructure and they are looking for someone equally hungry to make something great to become their product marketing director. Apply here or ping me for an introduction.