ONE THING... How Far Should You Go (for Roadmaps)?

The length of your roadmap is a function of how fast you are learning. An established product in a mature market may release new and improved versions one per year, and will have a correspondingly long roadmap. A start-up with new capabilities every week may have a roadmap of no more than a few months. They may even abandon dates altogether and use buckets like, "Now, Next, Later..." 

What works best in your organization? What's too long? What is too short? Discuss

Contest Winner
Last week I had a contest to find the best Product Vision statement. Marc Tollin is the lucky winner! The vision statement he suggested comes from MailChimp: "Build your brand. Sell more stuff." MailChimp’s product vision implicitly identifies the customer (marketers) and gets right to the benefits of using their product in a very few words. Marc wins a copy of my book, Product Roadmaps Relaunched. Plus a coffee with me (real or virtual) to chat about Product. Marc, claim your prize! I also can talk a lot about sports cars.  

My friend Jody Saarmaa, VP of Product at Building Engines in Boston, is looking for a UX person with experience in workflow-based applications using lean methods. Apply here or ping me for an intro.