ONE THING on Shy Product People

“A great product manager has the brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat," says Deep Nishar, managing director at SoftBank. I've written about product leadership skills in my book Product Manager vs. Project Manager from O'Reilly.

A question: What happens if you are an introvert by nature? How do you lead in a quiet sort of way? One suggestion comes from Martin Eriksson in a recent talk at Mind the Product. He encourages us to embrace our inner awkwardness. Could such ideas embolden introverts to be themselves and lead? Any other hints? Discuss.  

DC Product Culture
Strong turnout and great discussion about Product Culture at ProductTank Washington DC earlier this week despite the dire weather forecast. Shout out to Cooper Triggs for gathering the DC community.

My Travels
I'm off to New Zealand for the next two weeks, working with local companies on their Product Culture. Ping me if you’d like to discuss a workshop there — or just chat about product culture over a kiwi beer.

Public Talks in NZ:
Feb 11 in Auckland
Feb 13 in Wellington
Feb 14 in Christchurch (details to come)