ONE THING on Bringing Light

Hello from Auckland, New Zealand, from atop local volcano Mt. Eden.


Should we upgrade our platform? Should we put a twitter button on the login page? Do either of these address problems in our target market? Are they an important part of a theme we've developed based on market problems? If not, perhaps they can wait. 

Engineering says "I can build that," and Marketing says "I can bring that to market," but your job is to define what "that" is based on market needs and then work with the other to groups to bring it all together in a roadmap that captures that market opportunity.

Be the one who brings the light of knowledge of market needs to the organization. As a product person, that's core to your value. Shed that light on inside-out thinking and it will illuminate your roadmap to success. How do you bring light? Discuss.

My friend Melissa Appel is hiring a Product Manager at Wayfair in Boston, focused on reducing imperfect delivery (e.g., damage and loss). For more info, contact her

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I'm in New Zealand for two weeks, working with local companies on their Product Culture. Ping me if you’d like to discuss a workshop there — or just chat about product culture over a kiwi beer.

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Feb 11 in Auckland
Feb 13 in Wellington
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