ONE THING on "No Roadmap Survives Contact with Reality"

"Roadmaps get a lot of flak. They are often blamed for unrealistic deadlines and death marches. For missing market opportunities, and for building features that are out-of-date before any code is even written," says Janna Bastow, cofounder of Mind the Product. "No Roadmap Survives Contact with Reality," is a common product refrain.

But smart roadmaps change how we discover opportunities, communicate about them, and build products that solve real problems, says Bastow. For advice on moving your roadmaps from feature lists to product strategy, check out my book Product Roadmaps Relaunched.

What's the best roadmap you've seen? The worst? Why? Discuss.

I shared the stage with an enthusiastic crowd at ProductTalk Auckland this week. Back home from shorts to parkas next week.