ONE THING on Patriotic Product Person

For those of you outside the USA, today is our national holiday. In working with companies around the world, I’ve observed that many of them look up to American product people. They feel we’ve got it all figured out and they are hungry to learn from our success. Sure, product communities in many cities around the world are smaller and younger. But I find that people are just as smart, focused, and hard-working wherever I go.

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ONE THING on OKRs: Hot but Dangerous

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a simple system for aligning teams around common objectives. OKRs are hot right now, but there are caveats. They can quickly drive a firm into a narrow fixation on business results, unethical behavior, and short-term outcomes that can eventually undermine the business itself.

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ONE THING on Growing Product Culture

Product culture is spreading. 

  • The idea that making people awesome is at the center of success; 

  • The idea that we should put all of our effort to build, test, and learn into achieving that outcome sustainably; 

  • The idea that we need to entrust small, diverse teams with that effort and hold them accountable;

...these ideas are accelerating.

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